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Project ErbaBLOT

Project "ErbaBLOT" is a joint initiative of two companies - "Bioservice" and "Erba Rus”, “Erba Lachema” subsidiary.

The project is aimed at adaptation of ELISA reagent kits "Blot-HIV 1/2+O" and "TreponemaBlot” to immunoblot automation device “ErbaBLOT”, and provision of diagnostic laboratories with "ErbaBLOT" devices and ELISA reagent kits "Blot-HIV 1/2+O".


"ErbaBLOT" Benefits of using ELISA reagent kit "Blot-HIV 1/2+O" in automatic analyzer "ErbaBLOT"

- No risk of a mistake
Lab productivity increase
Analysis time reduction
Analysis standardization
Analysis cost reduction


Reagent kit "Blot-HIV 1/2+О" specification
System "ErbaBLOT" specification

- 7 different HIV antigens and two controls are adsorbed on the strip. The test allows to detect antibodies to HIV type 1 and 2 antigens, and also separately to HIV group O.
- The antigens on the strip look like convex transverse stripes, which allows to interpret the result without a template.
- two assay formats (night and day)

- Sensitivity: 100%*

- Specificity: 100%*
* - Certified and registered by Russian State Institute for Standards and Controls and Russian Federal Registration Authorities.

- can process up to 44 strips;
- memory can store up to 20 assays, each with 14 steps;
- plastic, disposable tray for strips;
- 5, 6 or 7 reagents peristaltic pumps;
- 2000 mL waste bottle with liquid level sensor;
- eight optional languages are available (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Czech and Russian);
- mixing of strip content during incubation is enabled by rocking of the strip plate;
- controlling of the instrument is by a 6-buttons keypad and a 80-character LCD display;
- the transfer of assays between PC and device is carried out via USB interface;
- the pumps are capable of running reversely, which enables the functions "Antidrop" (no drops at the end of tubing during dispensing) and "Reagents saving" (aspiration of dead volume
back to reagent bottles after last dispensing);
- the algorithm for determining the antibody avidity;
- possible to combine various reagent kits and conjugates;
- small instrument dimensions (52,5 x 31 x 25 cm) and weight (17 kg);

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