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Chemical Reactors

Classification of reactor systems

1. Operations periodicity:
- continuous flow reactor
- semi-batch reactor
- batch reactor

2. Standard size
- micro- and mini-systems (Vр = 10-500 mL)
- middle size systems (beginning with Vр = 500 mL)

3. Reaction medium traffic scheme
- plug-flow reactor
- mixing reactor with different types of mixers
- combinations of various reactor cascades

4. Reaction medium pressure
- atmospheric (open or hermetically sealed)
- high pressure (up to 300 atm)

5. Temperature mode maintenance
- no temperature control
- adiabatic
- thermostatic

6. Automation system
- manual
- automatic control and/or change of temperature mode, pressure, reaction duration and reagent consumption
You can also order development of software, which can automatically control the system according to the algorithm.

7. Material
- stainless steel AISI 316 (10Х17Н13М2Т), 304 (12Х18Н10), 321 (12Х18Н10Т)
- titanium alloy
- other materials

We can also offer additional options and services:

- measurement and control of parameters, required by the customer;
- manufacturing of racks, tripods and explosion-proof reactor cases;
- manufacturing of micro- and mini- heat exchangers (heat transfer area from 0,1 dm2 to 50 dm2) with electric heating or heat transfer agents;
- manufacturing of filtration systems (atmospheric and vacuum);
- anodizing of aluminum parts for corrosion protection and/or painting;
- manufacturing of optional equipment on customer
s order

To make a preliminary calculation of the reactors price and manufacturing time, please, send your request and specification to our e-mail:
We will be glad to fulfill our customers custom orders!

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